Thursday, July 4, 2013

Amelie Restaurant

Rain rain rain but we're booked at Amelie Restaurant so we grasp lightweight umbrellas and head down Greenwich Avenue towards West 4th Street, where the restaurant nestles in a line of shops.

It's amusingly decorated in a retro hipster sort of way - lots of red perspex and little lights.

Our table wasn't ready when we arrived, so the ever-so-handsome African-French waiter gave us complementary sparkling wines "so you won't hate me too much". Eventually we're seated at a table for six, being a white perspex table with two rows of three theatre seats, still with their numbers. We sit up one end to be fair, and this allowed a pair to have a first date at the other end of the table, not far enough away really.

A couple of glasses in and we're feeling quite comfortable. The restaurant calms down a bit once Happy Hour is over (they have an excellent offer - three different glasses of anything on the wine list for $10) and we choose from the menu clipped to an old vinyl record.

I go for the charcuterie board first, which comes out with two types of prosciutto, two salamis and slices of smoked duck breast; technically qualifying but more variety would have been preferable. Lynda went for an "appetiser" (don't get me started on mains versus entrees) of steak tartare - their signature dish and really good; hand-cut steak rather than mince. We ordered a cheap bordeaux and such was Handsome Waiter's embarrassment at just bringing me a glass that he didn't subsequently charge us for the bottle.

The bread was fresh and crisp and served in little hessian sacks. 

The mains presented quite well - I had a baked pork loin with a light salad made of arugula (rocket), cherry tomatoes and raspberries (for some reason); Lynda had a bit more fun with the filet mignon and baked vegetables. We were thinking about asking for coffee when Handsome Waiter brought us a complementary banana creme brulee to share. I think that was for sharing our table with First Date.

The bill was brought in a yes-we're-quirky old paperback book and was reasonable so I tipped correctly. Outside, the rain had passed and we felt thoroughly fed up. I hope First Date next to us enjoyed it too.

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