Friday, July 12, 2013

Frankies Spuntino - Frankies 570

Thursday night we tried another Greenwich Village restaurant recommendation, Frankies 570 on Hudson Street.

It's a very authentic, modern Italian restaurant with some subtle Italian touches (wood panelling, stacks of olive oil cans). The waitress won instant points for directing us straight to our reserved table.

The menu isn't unusual or flash, but the dishes were tasty and full of goodness.  We started with crostini - effectively the same as our beloved Venetian cichetti - being little toast nibblies. Lynda had a pesto and avocado number, I went with the "English Pea" mashed and whole and scrumptious. How will I get peas-in-the-pod back home?

Lynda then had a simple but well seasoned roast chicken, while I enjoyed polpette (meatballs) with pine nuts and lotsa garlic. We had a Veneto Volpicella wine which was reasonably priced and well suited to the meal.

No room for sweets, so coffees in the Italian style did us well enough for home. All up, a meal not dissimilar in price to the Sorrento restaurant back in Northbridge, but the crostini were a nice touch.

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