Saturday, June 22, 2013

Final day NACUA

The final NACUA sessions on Saturday morning were somewhat repetitive, and the crowd seemed to have thinned out accordingly. There was a good session called Hey!You!Get Off of My Cloud! about cloud computing risks. It was explained that the title was apt (and not sad) because the Rolling Stones were actually in town, and the song was written about the loss of privacy the band was enduring after they'd become celebrities. More on that later, surprisingly.

The best speaker was a guy from Brown University who gave a bit of a masterclass about Information Security - his title at is Chief Information Security Officer, and he is the evangelist for info security. Best practice isn't hard in theory - encrypt storage and transmission - but obviously adherence to policy isn't a given in an academic environment.

I'd lined up for a session on "Wearing Multiple Hats" - all the risks when lawyers dabble in management - but it turned out to be role play theatre and embarrassing. I jumped to another session about "How to Survive a High Profile Case" - a nuanced and experienced panel talking about how to cope when there is a scandal or litigation and the press is all excited. A couple of good quotes:
* To the media, the past is prologue.
* The E in email stands for Evidence.

After a fond farewell to the other Australians, I headed back to the hotel feeling a bit more on holiday.

So, one last trip to the Reading Market for a deli-style corned beef sandwich (Lynda went for the Cajun cooking) and a walk along the "Gonna Fly Now" route from the movie Rocky all the way to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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