Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sbraga Restaurant

Last night in Philadelphia, so after another abseil through a "best restaurants in Philly" list (why can't all best-ofs be this useful with links to the reservations) we went to Sbraga on the Avenue of the Arts/Broad Street. Lucky booking again - it's a popular venue but we snagged a 9.15pm table.

Excellent artistic presentation on a four-course semi-fixed price series of small courses. One chose from a half-dozen options for courses One Two and Three and Dessert. There was a matched beverage option, but as we'd started a bottle of Chianti at the bar we pressed on. My One Belly Pork was a paper-thin sheet across the plate with spicy sauce and cucumber, my Two Calamari was a tasty grilled delight with onions and my first taste of black yucca, my Three Belly Pork was rich and full with a baked egg pudding slice. Lynda had the Curry Tapioca Pudding for dessert, while I ran with the Pistachio Bread Pudding with Olive Oil icecream (yes, Chef is playful).

Such was the waiter's distress that he could not provide me with a digestive grappa that he brought out a complementary bourbon which he assured would have the same effect. A really splendid food experience, and more enjoyable for sitting by a window watching the streetscape.

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