Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Off the radar

After clearing some more Uni work, we headed out on an expedition to get some sketching materials for Lynda and some geeky T-shirts from Forbidden Planet. I was pleased to get the re-issued Brian Bolland T-shirt - some 28 years ago I bought one from their London outlet.

For some reason Maserati of Manhattan is under industrial action - but instead of a picket line the protesters have put a great big inflatable rat outside their offices. Very effective ;-)

Nearby on Broadway is a nice church, The Grace Church, which has a lot of outreach activities.

Cooler in town today, and more pleasant in the wandering. On passing through West 13th, there were a number of gay and lesbian organisations talking to television journalists on the important two decisions on gay marriage handed down by the Supreme Court today. On Bleecker Street we stopped to watch a rally for Anthony Weiner, the formerly-disgraced politician now running for NYC Mayor.

The matinee for Natasha, Pierre and the Comet of 1812 was lots of fun. Despite being in a tent, the producers had created a Russian salon with rich drapes and artwork, and we sat comfortably in nice seats as the actors and musicians did their thing.

Like a lot of musicals, there weren't too many memorable tunes but the toe-tapping music did the job of moving the story along. The costumes were terrific and the two one-hour acts passed very quickly, in part due to the complimentary vodka shots and open bar.

After the show your humble narrator needed a little nap, so Lynda went sketching and shoe-shopping. We did not buy cupcakes, no no no.

After trialing the "award winning" Bleecker Street Pizza, we headed for the Fat Cat for jazz and Scrabble (as one does) and then home for a Nurly.

Back home, I read we have a newish Prime Minister. The local press noticed.

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