Saturday, June 29, 2013


My, almost a week. Today we ventured to Brooklyn, to look at the flea market on Lafayette Avenue and the borough in general. That part of Brooklyn is quite swish, and leafy - though the borough is historically a working-class district.

The flea market had vintage clothing, vintage and antique curios and some interesting food stalls. The vendors pay 2% of turnover to participate, and there was a nice atmosphere.

From there we had lunch at Cafe Lafayette - an older building with tin ceiling and a cramped style wholly consistent with the French affectations. I had the famous Lafayette Burger, with goat's cheese. The wait staff were excellent, and one was prone to singing the ingredients - at one stage chorusing "Wild Mushrooms".

We planned to make a bee-line for Grand Central Terminal and the Chrysler Building but were distracted by the stalls set up on 6th Avenue and attempting to find 666 Park Avenue (it's there, but as a new block 660-666 Park Avenue).

All along 6th Avenue were a string of stalls - T-shirts, food, Chinese antiques, hats, scarfs and handbags. After a few blocks they seemed to repeat, so it wasn't necessary to go all the way uptown to get all the offerings.

Taking the R train back, we arrived in Union Square and the remnants of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. There was a stall expressing solidarity with OccupyGezi, which I supported.There were also some Hare Krishna's chanting the name of the Lord to be free.

It's an interesting walk back to the apartment, and there were some landmarks like the fortress of the Salvation Army.

I took the time to photograph the window from the butcher's shop at Chelsea Markets for my son the butcher. 

At home, we streamed the Seinfeld episode from Season 9 "The Maid" to renewed amusement and made a mental note to see whether the Soup Nazi's lobster bisque would really make my knees buckle.

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